Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 10

Today was a GREAT day.  It felt odd for a reason i cant say, but it was a good day.

I finally found the part for the car, after midas "Couldnt" find it, cause it is no longer available. Yeah BULLSHIT. I found it!!!!!

I found out that i tested out of 3 classes for college! So that will save me money! YEA!!!!!!!

Got into a fight with Walmart and that Pharmacist! So needless to say i will no longer go to walmart for SCRIPTS.

Got a reminder call that lexy sees the new dermatologist tomorrow, so we shall see what he says. I am kinda worried. :{

Talked to one of my very best friends, even if it was just online and for like 2 minutes. He is very busy, and its always nice to talk with him. I was excited to tell him i was going to school!

I am SUPER excited to go to school, AGAIN. LOL. Although come this spring when i am SU Registrar & Secretary, GS Troop Leader, and Full time mom. I hope i am not gluten for punishment! lol. I know i can do this.

I have orientation for school tuesday through Saturday then i will start classes on May 9!!!!.

Getting kinda nervous that krystinas surgery is coming up on the 4th. I really hope that this works for her, i hate that she keeps having so many issues with her ears. :(

Tomorrow will be another GREAT day.

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