Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 27

The past two weeks my diet and everything has been out the window. Krystina got out of the hospital on the 6th, my uncle had a heart attack on the 7th. So the afternoon of the 7th, i left home and went to missouri, were my parents and i stayed until the 9th when my uncle passed. That day was so hard for everyone. I watched my uncle pass away and them turn the monitor off. :( i tried to stay strong for everyone but i finally had to cry. we came home on the 10, and then went to my moms on the 12th and  back to missouri on the 13,  the funeral was the 14th. It was just so much in the last two weeks. The doctor has changed my meds around, for my sleeping and depression. I go see my PCP on monday the 18th.

My brother and his family were up this last week, for their spring break, so we got to spend some time with them. We got our yearly family pictures done on the 15th.

I am getting nervous about starting school on the 9th of may.  but excited at the same time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

day 16

Day 16 started out good. Then krystina got sick at school and got sent home. took her to the doctors, and she was unable to stand the light or noise. It was hard for her to do anything but cry. The doctor admitted her into the hospital. :( We have been here for a little under 12 hours. I am finding that she is VERY dehydrated. she has had pain meds for the migraine (which doctor diagnosed) and zofran for the nausea. She has been very brave through this whole ordeal. She didnt jerk her arm or try to bite the nurse when they did her IV. We hope to be going home in the morning. At this point she will not be returning to school until Friday.

My school is going GREAT. I already turned in two assignments and got a 100% on the first one. I am super excited to get started. :)

My diet has gone to shit and a handbag with everything today. So hopefully tomorrow starts something new.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 14

Today is Sunday! I start college orientation on Tuesday and go through saturday. I am really excited about it! I know i can do it. And since i can work at my own pace, but still have deadlines on everything, i cant just stop doing it and then pick it up months later like i did through PCDI or Ashworth, when i went through them for different programs.

Today is the start of going back to my diet. Last week i kinda screwed that up. :( Last week was a bad week all around.  So today starts a new diet! I actually have a Turkey in the crock pot. I so didnt want to heat up the oven.

Lexy is now seeing a new dermatologist, one here in Manhattan. I just couldnt afford going back to KC MO any more to go to childrens Mercy. That and the fact the werent doing anything for her. The new doctor gave me more hope for lexy and did more in 15 minutes then Childrens Mercy ever did in a year. They are treating her exzema for 14 days, testing her skin itself for Staph to see if whether or not she is carrying it on her body or not, and then will treat her muluscum sores in one month. ITs crazy.

Krystina i think will be going to the Dermatologist next. When she was born she was born with bumps on her neck. They surgically removed them, biospsied them, (negative for anything) and they came back, well now there are more of them, and she is complaining that they hurt at times so i think its time for her to be seen by a derm doc now.

Gonna go enjoy this beautiful day. Got the windows open gonna be perfect.