Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 27

The past two weeks my diet and everything has been out the window. Krystina got out of the hospital on the 6th, my uncle had a heart attack on the 7th. So the afternoon of the 7th, i left home and went to missouri, were my parents and i stayed until the 9th when my uncle passed. That day was so hard for everyone. I watched my uncle pass away and them turn the monitor off. :( i tried to stay strong for everyone but i finally had to cry. we came home on the 10, and then went to my moms on the 12th and  back to missouri on the 13,  the funeral was the 14th. It was just so much in the last two weeks. The doctor has changed my meds around, for my sleeping and depression. I go see my PCP on monday the 18th.

My brother and his family were up this last week, for their spring break, so we got to spend some time with them. We got our yearly family pictures done on the 15th.

I am getting nervous about starting school on the 9th of may.  but excited at the same time.

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